Prayer reveals as much about the pray-er as it does about the deity

If you’ve followed my blog about renovating a church into my home, you know I kept the church sign. I love leaving inspirational messages for passersby, but to be honest, the act of choosing and posting a message inspires me, too.

That’s how prayer is, too. Sure, we spend time asking for things or being grateful or maybe beseeching the Lord on high to help someone else, and I believe prayers elicit answers one way or another. But the act of praying changes the pray-er, too. We gain perspective or gratitude or empathy by invoking God for these things.

We once had a potential insurance carrier ask if we were going to remove the church sign. I don’t know if the underwriter was somehow worried that a house being mistaken for a church would increase the risk potential or what, but we answered, “no, not removing the sign” and we moved on to another carrier with a less risk-averse underwriter. I love my church sign, and as long as it inspires me, it’s staying put.

If you could use a little daily inspiration in the form of a prayer, sign up for Bell Tower Prayer’s prayer subscription. I’ll deliver a prayer chosen especially for the day to your In Box every morning for only 2 cents a day.


Daily Prayers

I’ll write and send you a custom prayer chosen specifically for the day, the season, for you every morning, delivered right to your In Box.


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2 thoughts on “Prayer reveals as much about the pray-er as it does about the deity

  1. That sign is awesome. No hyperbole intended.


    1. I know, right? What writer wouldn’t want their own personal yard billboard?


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